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Introducing The Cultured Seed February 14, 2010

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From the day I found out that I was pregnant, I was instantly hit with a double whammy of excitement and paranoia. OMG… I was growing a person! Some tremendous soul in a tiny body with a divine purpose to touch the world chose to come here through me! I knew that I would now be responsible for something much bigger than myself. I was about to bring forth my most precious creation in life and I was scared as hell. Even now, 15 months in, I still struggle to swallow the weight of this responsibility. I think it’s kind of a given that as a first-time parent you get sucked into the “what-the-heck-do-I-do-with-this-thing-now!” panic vortex. I’ve never done drugs but I will assume that the tumultuous first 3 months post-birth (which felt like hell) are like being on a bad acid trip – all wired up, no sleep, can’t eat, stupid anxiety, plus you look like a train wreck.

In hindsight (with my 1 + years of parental wisdom at hand, chuckle), I have found that the panic is really for naught as the adventure unfolds naturally, day-by-day. I had no clue about the depths of unconditional love and the wisdom that could be found in love alone. Just cluing in to Arya’s needs and what stimulates her is such a trip! I feel like I am re-learning life through a new set of lenses just by watching her explore her world. I think that exposure is what makes us who we are, and whatever we are fed as children really lays the foundation for who we become as adults. Ultimately, I want my kid to be more than just sane, I want her to be a kick-ass global citizen! But how? Well, you don’t have to teach a seed how to grow, they just do it, right?  However, you must present a balanced set of conditions to stimulate it to take root and grow into a sturdy tree. This means developing the right sense of timing and knowing just the right amount of water and sunlight to give it. As parents, we control our little seed’s environment and that determines everything. This is why I am paying so much attention to the first few years. As a new mom I don’t pretend to have all of the answers, but I feel it forward and every day I learn something new to guide us on our way.

Please enjoy these snippets of my journey with Arya, using love and the world around me to cultivate my little seed. These insights will be documented as a weekly blog at Over time this blog seed will grow into a multifaceted online resource tree, designed to guide you as you cultivate your seeds, be they your own children, nieces, nephews, grandkids or just bitty people who you love. The Cultured Seed will flourish as the ultimate educational enrichment resource for the arts, culture, travel, food and fun with an array of experiences that can be had in your neck of the woods. Hopefully you will feel inclined to join in on the fun. Happy Reading.




19 Responses to “Introducing The Cultured Seed”

  1. Patrisse Says:

    Thanks for starting this blog sister. It feels really amazing to hear about your process as a mother. I hear it is an inspiring and awesome process to be engaged in helping a life grow.

  2. Rene Says:

    As I was out walking Saturday I purchased two books, one for Arya and the other for her mother. Later that day as I rooted around in the dirt with Arya’s grandmother and I thought were are they so I can share my finds. My reply was, “patience,” you’ll see them soon. So, how wonderful it is to hear from Arya’s mother this very a.m. and be able to read about the growth of your family, this website, and be able to spread my lil’ bit of fertilizer around every now and then. Congratulations!

  3. Sharon Bernard Says:

    Dearest daughter of mine,
    I am so delighted with the launching of The Cultured Seed. Arya is an amazing soul–who manages to tickle both our funny bones and hearts every time she’s near. Count on me as a resource–leads, unconditional love, and at-the-drop-of-a hat granny nanny service. So much of your journey with Arya reminds me of my journey as a first time mother with you. I’m so blessed to be a part of it all.

    Love you more than you will ever know…

    • Taneya Says:

      Mom Bernard-In due time, I look forward to sharing this same moment with my daughters. Thank you for Bec and YaYa.

      • Sharon Bernard Says:

        Dearest Taneya,
        Thank you for the message. You are going to be blown away (as I am now) when you see your own daughters begin all the cycles of their womanhood. I had no clue that the experience would be so amazing and so powerful! I think the sharing of the experience with each other is the key. Bec is so fortunate to have you and her other loyal friends to give her loving, loyal feedback when life’s anecdotes (small and large) are shared. If it weren’t for my dear women friends (and you know who you are) I wouldn’t be here today to enjoy all of this. Without this bond between women I think the whole world would become unglued. Thank your for being with us–wishing you the best with the cultivation of your own garden. Love, Mom Bernard

  4. Tracey Says:

    I am so excited to be a part of the extension of your “sowing” through this blog. Now that I won’t be getting any international travel e-mails for a while, I’m glad you’re energies are still going into writing re the [at times] undervalued world of motherhood.
    I’m excited for the journey…
    Well, you got 15 months of material to update so..vamonos!

  5. Tracita Says:

    I am so excited to be a part of the extension of your “sowing,” as you sow into Arya, you will also be sowing into your readers lives by working on this labor of love.

    Now that your international travels are on hold, I’m glad you have found another oulet for your writing. Glad to be along for the journey.

    Well, you have 15 months of material to update, entonces vamonos!


  6. Tracey Says:


    No me hagas llorar!

  7. Jaime Kalman Says:

    Rebecca, I am so excited that you have launched The Cultured Seed! I am deeply inspired by your vision and your follow through. You do so much already, and to be creating a dream ontop of all of your responsibilities is just incredible. I am really impressed by you. And what a beautiful way to honor your daughter…you are amazing.

  8. Taneya Says:

    My Bobby, my sister… my “fiend” for 20+ years, I am so proud of you. Your premiere blog entry is simply beautiful. I love how you write, “Some tremendous soul in a tiny body with a divine purpose to touch the world chose to come here through me!” That sentence captures the essence of the mamahood charge…and how fiercely, and poetically, you do so!

    You’ve inspired me in this moment. Time to collect my scattered pieces of testimony and manuscript, and get busy 🙂

    In honor of your second blossom, The Cultured Seed, I leave you with the following African proverb:

    “Knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.”

    Love you!

  9. Thanks to you all for such wonderful support. Love you! R

  10. Hello Becky: it’s me Dad. Knowing you as I do and Loving you as I do, it doesn’t seem strange to me that you came up with this idea, ( which, by the way, is beautiful ), you always seem to have some original idea going in your head or in your life. I am very proud to be a part of your life and I welcome little Aria to this fantastic world. I’m sure she will grow up to be an awesome person. I can’t wait to see her grow up, but I will, because she is so darn funny as a child that she makes me laugh all the time when I am around her. I wish you great harvesting and sweet fruis from your seeds. R.B.

  11. Becky Cortez Says:


    I love the Cultured Seed. I’m excited to share in this journey of life and growth and all that loveliness of life. As a teacher, such vibes of love and balance and support from the Cultured Seed ring loud and true for me. Yay!

    xx B

  12. Wow! I am so excited about this adventure of yours! This is going to be a very big blessing for you and your family. You are going to have a lot of fun with this! Thank you for letting me in on the launch of your project, I can’t wait to read more. Brava cara mia! Love you!

  13. Taaj Says:

    Okay so I’m not sure if I ever told you this before but you’re such an AWESOME person ;-)……..I’m loving this blog already. I don’t even have children yet, but I’m gonna read every week so I can get pointers so I can be somewhat prepared for the day that I do. I always enjoyed reading your emails from your travels, so this is gonna be intriguing because it’s about your little munchkin. Love you guys, smooches 😡

  14. Ranjanie Says:

    Dear Dear Becky: What a remarkable development – from you, my little Montessorian! This aspect of assisting every child, anywhere in the universe, to do better and to grow and progress in any sphere of the individual’s choice, is at the root of the Montessori Casa programme I directed you in, through a fraction of your formative years. Your parents’ faith and loving support in my work, especially your mom’s from her active participation in our programme, and support of our work, played a key role in cultivating the seed in you, Becky. Hats off to them! From the other side of the globe, or wherever I may be, I will be happy and proud to support your very worthy cause. With Love – from our family to you and yours… and especially to Arya who embarked you on this journey…

  15. Debbie Thuesen Says:

    Hey there Rebecca, I read your blog for the cultured sead and i started to get tears in my eyes not sure if its cause im a new mom and i know what your sayng or if its cause we have been friends for such a long time and im so proud of you, probably both. Either way im so ecxited to read your blog and what a great idea it is. I agree we need to let out little seeds flourish with great potential to be all they can be in this crazy world!
    Congratulations! Love Debbie and Riley

  16. Tracey Says:

    Hola Becka,

    I tagged you over on my latest post!

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