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Showing Compassion in a Big Way March 16, 2010

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A few weeks back I had the pleasure of hearing the Dalai Lama speak live on the subject of compassion at a Whole Child International event. He was so lovely to watch because he was just so down-to-earth and cool. The first thing he did was cross his legs and explain that he needed to sit right for his brain to work. Ahhhhaaa, maybe I should try that. Then he proceeded to share with us that despite being flown all the way over here for this big event, he hadn’t prepared anything – he never does – but his intent was just to speak with us as if we were old friends sitting across from each other on the couch.  I like that.

Dalai Lama for Whole Child International

His holiness started by stating that the future of humanity rests with people and begins with the notion of Self; basically, change starts at home. Nothing happens outside of us and we are all interconnected, whether we like it or not. He said that if we, as individuals, are peaceful and compassionate then this will trickle into the reality of our families, our communities and the world. He spoke on the need to nurture and cultivate our children from a young age and how critical this love is to their survival as well as the future of our planet. He issued a call to action for all of us to practice compassion in our daily lives and be guided by the knowing that the destruction of your neighbor is the destruction of yourself. His belief is that this could be a century of disarmament, non-violence and peace, but we must work to set the tone for this now as individuals, and this in turn will filter into the collective.

As I continue to walk down this journey called The Cultured Seed, I am continuously inspired by people around me that are doing amazing things. The week after seeing the Dalai Lama I also stumbled across a movement called Sister Giant, which has asked American Women to stand up against world poverty. We all know that there are children around the world that are abandoned or neglected, but did you know that 17,000 children starve to death around the world every single day? That is one child every five second. And not because they were in a deathly accident or had some life threatening illness, it is just because no one fed them. No one cared enough to feed them. Wow.

I really get that it is not just about my kid. It is about a world of children who may not have access to the love and cultivation that our babes are privileged to have in their present realities. Therefore, I have committed to taking a stand for unconditional love for all children. Ultimately, I want my work to extend beyond the borders of my “nuclear world” here in LA to create the possibility for all kids to be cultivated and nurtured around the globe. Our futures depend on it. The first step will be a family friendly festival to raise awareness sometime during the summer. It will be a fun hands-on-experience of what The Cultured Seed is about, but it will also make a difference. If you want to join the dream-team planning committee or have resources to share, drop me a line at The rest of you, stay tuned, because you will want to be a participant anyway (smile). In the mean time, spread some love.


4 Responses to “Showing Compassion in a Big Way”

  1. Kippy Says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    Kips here from LWL! Hope all is well w. you and family! Just read your passage about the Dalai Lama, and the Festival you are planning. Count me in the festival, I will give out sorbet to the kids that nourish their bodies, and give them positive notions and actions!

    all my best,

  2. Ranjanie Says:

    Hi! It is international news now, that a mother of 5 actually threw her own child into a river, in Sri Lanka, and the child was saved from drowning, but is in a critical state of health. The most unfortunate state of our universe currently, is the Political Irresponsibility of most of the ‘elected’ or otherwise, Leaders. Education, which should enable an Awareness of the reality of things, is so corrupted. Sri Lanka is not unique in this great lack of true Education, presently, unfortunately. Human beings should not be led to dull their senses to such a deplorable degree. Leaders should, rather, enable a higher level of living – not only to themselves and their chosen few, but to all humans.

  3. Jaime Kalman Says:

    Another fantastic article, thank you Rebecca! I had to fly back east to be with family after the sudden passing of my grandmother this past week. Going home and being immersed in difficult famiy dynamics presented a beautiful – if not challenging – opportunity for me to practice non-judgment, love, and surrender of my own perceptions. We can always use our challenges, difficulties, fears and irritations to move us back into a place of peace, grace, and love if we are willing to create a space in our minds for such shifts in perception. The amount of peace I experienced in the face of what would normally have had me up on my proverbial soap box in reactionary responses, was such a testament to what His Holiness is speaking. I am so happy that you had the chance to see him and that you made the choice to go, because I know you are such a very busy lady with so many responsibilities! Well done on making time for something that is so in line with who you are!! You are beautiful!

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