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Baby to Go Please March 23, 2010

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Travel is by far one of my most favorite things to do in the whole wide world. Whether it’s a road trip or hopping a plane to

Arya on a speedboat to St. John

somewhere exotic, nothing compares to the feeling of freedom I get when I just pack up and take off. I don’t have to tell you all that, you know I used to be the queen of “pack my bags 20 minutes before departure and float through business class check-in only to plop into my airplane seat and fall asleep within 3.5 seconds”. Rachel (one of my BFF’s) still hates that I fall asleep before we leave the tarmac. Travel is just second nature to me. I guess I have my parents to thank for that since they started shipping me off solo starting in the 1st grade.

I have to admit, my pregnancy was pretty awesome for travel too. I had the pleasure of working freelance as a travel writer for a local publication. If they could issue passports for kids in utero then Arya would already be labeled a jet setter too. In 9 short months I did Cabo San Lucas, San Diego, Miami, Israel and Costa Rica. So knowing the kind of traveler that I have been, you can image the shock that I encountered on my last trip abroad at 7 months pregnant, when I realized that I would never, ever, ever travel this way again with a baby in tow. Please get that I was that girl that prided herself on being able to go anywhere for any length of time with one check in bag and a knapsack. Now there would be car seats that snap into strollers and diaper bags and three full suitcases and extra stashes of food and diapers and a million other things…. ahhhhh the horror! How in the world would I do this with all of the stuff you have to cart around plus carrying a baby.

Aja, Bella and Arya at the San Diego Zoo

Well, relax. I am a total over exaggerator. Our first trip was a simple one, we did San Diego by car. Eric and I timed things to coincide with Arya’s naps and made a day of it with our cousins at the San Diego Zoo. Arya was a little small to really get it, but she bobbed around happily in her little Bjorn carrier and I stopped as needed to nurse. It was no big deal. Our second trip was a whirlwind Voluntourism press trip to the US Virgin Islands. Arya absolutely adored having yogurt with a silver spoon at the Ritz on St. Thomas and traveling to St. John by speedboat. I did have to travel with my Granny Nanny to make it all happen (seriously, can Grandma have a better job than playing with her favorite baby in paradise?). We made it there and back in one piece and managed not to loose anything vital in the process.

Don't bother me, I'm getting my tan on

It is true that post baby things have changed in the way that I travel – but so have the once basic contents of my now super-mama purse, and that mess gets carted around daily! Unless I leave the babe with her papa for a quick escapade, I will likely never be able to leave the house without a carpetbag full of goodies, but traveling with your kid is so doable and totally manageable. I’m sorry, but I for sure am not ready to hand in my platinum flight pass just yet, so I guess my baby will just have

to get with the program and roll. Vámonos Arya!

Ahhh the life

I'm ready for that yogurt now Mr. Ritz!

The USVI Dream Team

3 Responses to “Baby to Go Please”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Arya is certaintly bringing sexy back! I love that brown bathing suit!
    What a great post! When I grow up…I want the travel budget you got!

  2. Sharon Bernard Says:

    Oh the memories… Just seeing the pictures brought back all the joy. Being a Granny Nanny is one of my life’s greatest blessings. It’s so amazing to watch their reaction to the “new worlds” they encounter. The best part was when Arya was lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves one afternoon at the beach. It was perfect! Those nature sound tapes were a good investment 🙂 However, nothing compares to the “real thing” or the magical opportunity to “be there” in the moment. Thank you for letting me “share the ride”. I promise you, there are many more adventures to come!
    Happy trails! Bon voyage! Arrevederci!
    Love and Kisses,
    Grandma Sharon K.

  3. Ruth Wikoff-Jones Says:

    So fun to see the USVI photos. That’s a world-traveler in the making!

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