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The Cultured Seed Picnic: Thanks for hanging out! April 6, 2010

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My last few posts have been kind of serious, so we will keep it light for this week and just give thanks!

Aguiar Fam Easter 2010

Thank you to all of the families (and friends) who came out for our first Cultured Seed Family Picnic and photo shoot. The kiddies had a blast and we took some really cute pix. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon! There’s nothing better for family fun than catching some rays while enjoying good snacks and good company.

My girl Keisha even rolled through with an amazing buttery goodness cake. If you are not yet her fan on Facebook, check out Couture Cakes by Keisha. She makes some crazy shaped but delicious cakes, ours was a baby lamb (ahhh).

Yummy Cake

Easter Sunday was an action packed day with both sides of the fam. We even had a nice ride (earthquake!) which I almost missed because I was mid tear-down at brunch.  Had it not been for the chandeliers starting to sway nothing was going to come between me and my omelet supreme. Good thing Eric had his priorities in tact and remembered to grab the baby on the way out the door.

I hope all the rest of you Easter celebrators aren’t suffering from an overdose of deviled eggs or chocolate bunnies too. All I know is my detox starts now. In next week’s blog post we talk food. Good food. My favorite subject (Arya’s too).


2 Responses to “The Cultured Seed Picnic: Thanks for hanging out!”

  1. Bookie Says:

    Thanks Becca! we had lots of fun!

  2. Gabos Says:

    Very cool Beck… Keep it goin!

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