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I Like to Move It Move It! May 4, 2010

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Man. For the last month I have completely fallen off my exercise routine. I have always been super active; swimming, yoga, boxing, Capoiera, Salsa dancing, hiking, you name it. I’m down to try anything once and have maintained a very diverse fitness plan because I get bored quickly. But the last month, just trying to adjust to a new work schedule, keeping up with the blog, not to mention running a household and chasing after a very busy 17 month old, has left me with little time to dedicate to my physical wellbeing. Sorry for the visual – but my body feels like road-kill-on-a-stick. We have already discussed how a baby changes the prospect of “me” time, but I think there are some things that just can’t be sacrificed, like your health. I have got to get back on the bandwagon.

Ladies at Yogalates

Battling the baby weight gain is a feat for most new mommies. I was very lucky to have amazing support at that time. After giving birth to Arya I chilled for a couple of months to let my body heal. However, with my wedding coming up in 8 months I didn’t have much time to sit around. I was going to fit into that dress damn it, it cost too much! So I used that as my impetus to get the weight off. With the help of my trusty drill sergeant trainer, Sekenna, I hit it hard and managed to drop 30 pounds in 3 months. My Aunt picked me up almost 4 times a week and joined our workout team for additional support. I never had to drop that much weight at one time and I could never have done it without their help.

Family Hiking Day

For some people staying fit is about what they shouldn’t put in their mouths. For me it’s about the amount of activity I need to do weekly to feel my best. I believe in eating clean but have never been a dieter – being active is my personal trigger. I know it is different for everyone and what you consume will dictate your body’s ability to perform, but I think there is far too much emphasis on dieting and not enough commitment to creating a lifestyle that incorporates enough physical activity to keep the body sane. Let’s be honest – most of us sit behind a desk all day, exercising nothing but our fingers and eyeballs. Then we go home exhausted and plop down on the couch to our carb free dinner. I am not saying this is the case for everyone, but for most working American’s it is the case. Obesity is a real issue for people in this country, especially for people of color. In recent studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control they showed that Blacks had 51 percent higher prevalence of obesity, and Hispanics had 21 percent higher obesity prevalence compared with whites.

With a family history of heart disease on my paternal side, that stat scares me into getting my butt into gear. Not because I don’t

The view from the top of Baldwin Hills Overlook

want to feel fat but because there is a quality of life I am trying to create for myself and my family. I want to have the energy and vitality to out-swim my kids in 10 years and hike up Machu Picchu in the next 5. It’s incredible how much exercise helps to relieve stress and keep your muscles feeling alive. I hate being sore, but I would trade in this feeling of overall corporal atrophy for sore any day. Family, let’s work together on this. If you need a workout buddy to encourage you and live on my side of town – I got you! And I hope you all keep me accountable too. Niambi is kicking Yogalates back off on Saturday mornings, so you can join us for that. I regularly hike Kenneth Hahn and the Baldwin Hills Scenic overlook with Arya and Tanya in the mornings. Join us. Or just go get an at home workout video. Start somewhere. As my husband says – let’s go, we’ late!


One Response to “I Like to Move It Move It!”

  1. Hey I used to hike up the stocker trail to the baldwin lookout…what time do you go on the weekends?

    And i totally agree that exercise relieves stress. Im getting back into working our more myself. Ive recently been riding Obi to school on my bike and thats been really great…there’s no rush. we talk about the scenery and animals we pass, etc. Its really great for him too b/c its something he looks forward to.

    give thanks for sharing!


    Derah the doula

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