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Whoa Baby… Here Comes Round Two May 20, 2010

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A few weeks ago I started feeling a bit, well, not myself. I was irritable, exhausted, and all I wanted to eat was bread and meat. This was promptly followed by a perpetual seasickness (but I was no where near water). It took me a minute to figure it out. I thought I might be vitamin deficient or something from all of the enriched white bread I had been eating of late. But then it hit me – maybe, just maybe, I’ve been down this road before? Ah yes, this is not an iron deficiency– I’m pregnant! I just hit week 14 and can officially say it, baby numero DEUCE is on its way.

Truth is, I have not been down this road before. With Arya I was not a day sick. I was a little sleepy, very hungry and way moody, but all of this turning green and having to keep crackers stashed in my purse at all times is new to me! Plus, I was super active with Arya, going salsa dancing 2-3 times a week with my girls and doing yoga daily. Now all of my physically weariness over the last few weeks makes total sense. Not to mention that with Arya I was working 10 hours a week and this time around I have a full time job, two side gigs and a toddler to chase! Whole different ball game my friends.

So I wonder what it is going to be? We don’t know the sex yet but yes, we will be finding out (I am a planner) and it will likely be

Woohoo! Look at my back! You can't see me!

in the next couple of weeks when I have my next ultrasound, so stay tuned. I can tell you that baby deuce is a total ninja master though, already nick named Tiny Turbo. I have been feeling him/her kick since week 10! Which is crazy early. I didn’t feel Arya until week 13. I say it’s a boy because 1) I’m just feeling boy energy, 2) bread and meat (hello!), and for 3) only a boy would act like a baby tornado in my belly. Seriously, it took the nurse 10 minutes to get the babes measurements during my first visit because Tiny Tubo was like “hey, look at me, no don’t look at me, now you see me, now you don’t, look at my butt, check out my back, watch how I flip over!” Que loco.

What do you think baby deuce will be? Cast your vote below…


9 Responses to “Whoa Baby… Here Comes Round Two”

  1. I want a boy because I need and want a road dog. Arya will be my road dog up until she is about 10. When them teenage years hit I’m sure she might not want to be seen with me in public unless we are shopping (clothes shopping). And even at that point she might say daddy meet me in the food court in 2 hrs. WOW!!! my heart will be broken…so I want a little man that will watch football on Sundays, Drink Beer with his daddy and talk shit.

      • Tracey Says:

        Ugh! This comment thing never works out well for me. Please delete my last comment, b/c I don’t know where in cyberspace it went.
        What I meant to say was, when my uncle Les heard about the new baby he goes…”Eric takin’ over” (lol) said it like only a NY’er can.
        I’m happy for you guys…go A-TEAM!

    • Mrs. Iman Says:

      I don’t know about what I think the sex will be because I had two drastically different pregnancy’s with all different symptoms and ailments and got both girls…I have even heard of parents being so confident that they were having a boy that they did not even find out the sex till birth and only chose a boy name…well Daxelle is certainly no boy!

      with the 4D ulrasounds available, you “planners” will know sooner than later who tiny turbo really is…glad it ain’t me and good luck with all that, see you in an couple of hours, Arya just woke up! Ironic…

  2. Tracey Says:

    Happy for you guys…when Les found out he stated in his very NYC was like “Eric takin’ over

    • Glo Herbert Says:

      Congratulations on the wonderful expected joy soon to grace your lives. Voting for a happy, healthy, loving human being.

      All the best to Mom and Dad.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Congratulations Becky and Eric!!!
    From what I am hearing [reading] Eric you just may get your “little man”. That is how it was me me; with Jalisa I was so “carefree” running around hardly any morning sickness. But with Tyler, I was sick until the moment they handed his little “big headed self” to me. My situation was similar to yours; I was TIRED all of the time. Jalisa had just turned one and I only wanted “steak and baked potatoes and a salad” and I rarely eat red meat if at all. I knew that was some “meat and potatoes craving boy”. But “Boy” or “Girl”, I can’t wait to see your Beautiful New Addition.

  4. Bookie Says:

    IT’S A BOY!!

    The early movement settled the issue for me. My boy moves like he’s practicing gymnastics in there, and he kicks me when I prod at him, like he’s pissed I’m infringing on his space. I also could feel him moving much earlier than I did with Bella.

  5. Taaj Says:

    Awwwwww, congrats for both of you guys, I’m so happy for you. Arya is gonna have a little brother, which is wonderful. It’s good to have your daughter older than your son, because big sisters don’t play we’re really overprotective over our little brothers and look out for them. And even though little brothers are younger, they think they’re still the big macho brother and they’re just as protective over they’re sis, but you can still boss them around, unlike older brothers :-/ It’s a beautiful thing.

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