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What’s in a Name? June 10, 2010

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So it’s official – “Tiny Turbo” is a boy. I knew it and so did Arya. When we found out numero deuce was on the way we asked Arya, “Is it a boy or a girl?” She replied “a booooy”. We thought maybe she just said that because boy was the first thing we said, so we would ask her periodically and switch it up, boy-girl-girl boy, but the answer was always the same “a booooy,” which was said with this smug little grin like “I know something you don’t know and I’m going to tell you!” Funny little intuitive baby.

Can you see that little arrow? Supposedly his business. Hmmmm...

After some bad positioning kept Tiny Turbo’s business hidden at my routinely scheduled 16-week check up, Eric and I were even more determined to find out. So we booked the 3D/4D ultrasound at a private clinic called Prenatal Peek, in Torrance. We hadn’t done this with Arya because I was too freaked out by how crazy the babies look in high definition, but this little sucker was going to cooperate and we were going to know for sure. We had just started the ultrasound and not two minutes in did the technician say – there is his business, can you see it? That is all Eric had to hear. He was like “Cool, that’s all I needed to know, we can go now!” It had been like two minutes and I was still stretched out on the recliner as he tried to bolt out the door. Dang! Ok, he has a peepee, but could a mama see the baby’s arms and legs and tummy for a second? Can I just say that creating life is truly a miracle and the use of technology to experience it through every phase is even more incredible. My mom joined us for this experience and we were just in awe at his feisty little legs and Bernard pot belly (genetics are something else). Arya looks just like an Aguiar-Fontenot, but I am calling dibs on this one. Step off Eric – Turbo is mine!

Look at that Bernard pot belly!

So it’s a boy – check! Next task – the name. Arya Elena was named 15 minutes after we found out we were expecting. The names just came to us and boom-bam, it was done. This little guy was a different story. Eric’s Aunt Cathy (she was actually the one that named him Eric Allen) came to pay us a visit last October to let us know that we would soon be having a son and the names that came to her were Allen, Aaron and Aidan. This was exactly 6 months before I even got pregnant. Funny enough, if Arya had been a boy she would have been named Aidan so we both took a double take on that one.  When I found out that I was in fact pregnant, Aunt Cathy called again to say that some other names had come to her, one of which was Ethan, which we both liked. In meditation I kept having visualizations of a little egg with glowing embers like it was on fire (and Aidan means little fire – whoah trippy), but there was something about Ethan too… hmmm. Well, between Aidan and Ethan we couldn’t really choose, so the investigation began.

I really do believe that special consideration should be put into choosing a name, because it will evoke a particular spirit in a child. I also think that if you tune in and listen the baby will tell you what it needs to be called. Several cultures do spiritual investigation before the baby arrives to decipher what names he/she needs to carry in order to live out their life purpose, or even to protect them or balance out certain traits that they will live into. Being of the spiritual, but not necessarily religious persuasion, we chose to honor the birth of our daughter by going back to our shared roots and, thus, held an Afro Caribbean Naming Ceremony. We will do the same for Deuce. We can tell you what his “street” name will be in the mean time. Taking Aunt Cathy’s input into consideration, Eric actually ended up choosing the first name with my spin on the middle name (yeah, I went and did it on the middle name fiends!). His legal name will be Edan Nathanial Aguiar, chosen for it’s meaning and numerological significance. His extended name is still under spiritual investigation and will be fully released during the naming ceremony upon his birth. I can’t wait to see what we have in store with this little guy!


2 Responses to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Oh… I’m interested in the naming ceremony. What’s that like?

  2. Jody Schneider Says:

    Hi Becky, et al. I love the name, and I will love the little guy…now how will you pronounce Edan>? I have to start practicing now. “Eh don?” EE daan? Let me and other inquiring minds know. Love you.

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