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Lady Entrepreneurs That You Will Adore October 6, 2010

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What does any good athlete do if they want to win – they get a coach and they train, right?! So that is what I have been doing. In embarking on this new mission with The Cultured Seed I have made a point to find a couple of organizations to help build my knowledge base and expand my sphere of influence. Let me say that I have some very cool people in my world already, but I have felt pretty darn impressed by some of the women that I have met in the last few months.

This week I want to tell you all about a few women that I absolutely love. Part of what The Cultured Seed is about is sharing great information, but it is also about community and supporting each other. For obvious reasons I have a soft spot for lady entrepreneurs, especially mom-preneurs so I want to do my part to return the love and support I have gotten over the past few months. Here are five ladies that all of you should know about:


Jan McCarthy – Ladies Who Launch

All of you lady entrepreneurs-in-the-making are going to want or need a Jan. I sure am glad to have one! I have never met someone who is more invested in helping women find support, inspiration, resources and knowledge as they embark on the launch of their dream or the growth of their business. Jan is the Market Director/Franchise Owner for Ladies Who Launch in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators, including a great, great grandmother that was the first woman doctor in Georgia. In addition to LWL, Jan has partnered with her sister to create a company of her own, Back 2 Our Roots, a consulting firm that incorporates business fundamentals with ongoing innovations in Marketing, Sales and Business practices. They offer coaching, webinars, e-books and workshops. Between you and me, I hope that I can grow up to be a Jan some day. I am especially looking forward to living a dual lifestyle – Jan commutes between her urban loft in downtown LA and her ranch in Boulder, CO. So here is my future invitation, when I am not in LA y’all can come visit me at my Rancho in Costa Rica.  You might even recognize the featured lady of the month on (yours truly!)


Alli Seigel – Project Goodness

This gal is definitely on her way to being a non-profit mover and shaker. Alli was first inspired to give back by dedicating 2009 to 365 Days of Goodness. Since then, she has developed a program to bring goodness projects into elementary schools, teaching children, our leaders of tomorrow, how to activate their innate goodness. Through Alli’s programs, children learn the value of selflessness, the power of acts of kindness, and the fact that they truly can make a difference, because “every little bit counts.” Project Goodness is also the recent recipient of a $25,000 grant in the Pepsi Refresh campaign. Goodness, so simple and so needed. They are currently taking request from schools interested in starting a Goodness program in the Winter and Spring semesters. For more information check out the new Project Goodness website at or be their friends on Facebook (you can link up through The Cultured Seed Page).


Melissa Lanz – The Fresh 20

Melissa is making my life easier already. No more drawing a blank about what to cook for dinner and defaulting to the frozen chicken nuggets bag. The Fresh 20 is a meal planning service that is dedicated to bringing fresh food back to the family dinner table. Their meal plans help you to create simple, healthy and well balanced homemade dinners using just 20 fresh, seasonal ingredients per week. They are also carefully designed to utilize everything on the list so you can stop throwing money down the drain. Thank goodness someone else has thought this through; my pocketbook is thanking Melissa already! To sign up visit


Catherine Fages – Cat Walks Dog

Eric and I are going to pick out an English Bull dog just so that we can have Cat train it and love it and scrub it down with her yummy smelling Woof! Woof! doggy shampoo. This woman is like a dog whisperer. I instantly fell in love with her, so it is no wonder the effect she has on even the most rambunctious pup. Cat Walks Dogs offers dog walking, training and socialization as well as a line of doggie care products. Her shampoos and conditioners contain organic products and are 100% biodegradable and cruelty free. She is also an advocate for animal rights and works closely with organizations that support animal rescue, such as Pilots & Paws, an organization of Pilots dedicated to flying abandoned dogs to safe shelters across the country. Website coming soon, in the mean time you can connect with Cat on Facebook



Nicole Carson – Snap-n-Step

Nicole Carson is the Chief Snapologist of Snap-n-Step, a new product that will forever do away with global childhood tripping-ness. Thanks to this nifty little snap your kids’ laces will stay tied all day long! (This woman is going to save me from some meltdowns in the future, I am sure of it.) As a mother of three very active and fashion conscious kids, she is just doing her part to help other mothers to keep from falling over the edge – especially when it comes to tying those shoelaces for the ten-thousandth time. Not to mention that a percentate of all Snap-n-Step sales go to support soccer organizations and promote healthy habits for kids. We really like that.


If you know of a woman owned business that deserves a notable mention we would like to hear about it and share with the rest of the community. Email me at


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