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It’s that time! November 15, 2010

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We are on the brink of D day! Edan Nathanial Aguiar will be with us any day now (come on out buddy – mommy is waaaaay over being pregnant, ya?!) Please cross your fingers for a speedy delivery. They say #2 is easier, no? I sure do hope.

As I prepare for bringing Baby Deuce into the world I contemplate what mommy x 2 will look, taste and feel like. I keep having these dreams that I drive myself to the hospital, give birth and shortly thereafter, bundle up the kid to head out to some very important event. Delusions? I am sure. But interesting to see where my head is at!

I suppose that with a toddler, a career, and a household to run you kind of loose the “whimsy” feeling you had with the first kid where it was all about bonding and breastfeeding and diaper changes. Now it’s like “come on kid, we got stuff to do, your sister has a play date, you are out of diapers and if we don’t pick up some chicken from the store no one is eating tonight!” Man, I feel bad for the little guy already. He’s already getting shafted in my dreams!

So, with that in mind, I feel it is only fair to give my little dude his fair share of mommy time… Ok, well not the 14 months that Arya got but he will get his 8 weeks worth – let’s be real people we’ve got to eat!

So please enjoy the silence and we give Baby Deuce (and mommy) a few weeks to acclimate to the world post partum. I will be sure to post pix when he arrives. We will also have some very exciting things in store for The Cultured Seed in the new year. Stay tuned!






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