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An Aunty’s Perspective on the Growing Family November 24, 2010

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Highlight of my sick day…

A Facebook Post By: Aunty Tanya Bernard

November 18th, 2010



New nephew came into the world yesterday, November 17th at 4:02am.


Exhibit A: Edan Nathaniel Aguiar. 8 lbs, 13 oz by all natural birth (my sister is a rider for taking no drugs).

Edan Nathanial Aguiar

In order to help my sis and brother-in-law, Grandma and Abue (Great Grandma) and I have been holdin’ it down on the big sister Arya front.


Exhibit B: Arya Elena Aguiar, born November 7th, 2008, posing with her bumble bee lunch box on her first day of school.

Arya & Bee Ready for School

For the last two nights while her mommy was in the hospital with baby Edan, Arya slept with me…which leads me to the fever that has so rudely planted itself in my tired and weary body. Not only has Aunty Tee Tee had to endure coughs in her face throughout the last couple of nights, but she has also been subjected to feet in the side of her legs, stomach, chest, neck and face; all causing her to get little sleep, which compromised her system such that those germs from the coughs from that tiny mouth were able to penetrate her system and ultimately have a sick party. This morning at 7:34am when Arya awoke from her very comfortable perpendicular sleeping position in my bed, I realized that it was official, I was sick. The first thing that went through my mind was “oh dammit, lets get this kid outta here as fast as possible so that I don’t re-contaminate her,” causing her to be quarantined in her own home in the hopes of keeping the newborn from illness. But before Aunty Tee Tee could fully get out of bed and feed and clothe the tiny germ monster, Arya looked over the bed and saw the group of pillows that Max and she laid on the ground so that if, by chance, Arya rolled off of the low bed (which she didn’t, since her tiny feet found the most comfortable warming spot in the crevice between my neck and my chin), she wouldn’t hurt herself.


Exhibit C: Bunch of pillows taken from around the house and placed on the floor to save Arya should she fall off the bed during her crazy night of kicks and punches.


Upon seeing the pillows Arya exclaims, ‘pillows, there are pillows!’ And Aunty Tee Tee says, ‘yeah, there are a lot of pillows huh?’ After which Arya states, with the most sincere and serene tone ever, ‘they’re beautiful.’

Aunty Tee Tee’s heart melts, she smiles, and thinks its all worth it to help out the fam, and spend a little time with her niece.


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