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About Us February 14, 2010

The Cultured Seed

“Cultivating your child’s mind, one seed at a time.”

What seeds are you planting in your child’s mind garden?

A child’s mind is like a new and fertile garden patch, whatever seeds we plant in it will grow. As parents and cultivators we should take care to pick the best combination of seeds available. Further, we must create a balanced environment that encourages our seeds to take root and grow into their divine potential.

This blog will soon blossom into a free online guide to educational enrichment through the arts, culture, travel, food and fun. It has been designed especially for parents and other cultivators; this includes Grandma, Aunty, Uncle, and friends too, because we know that it takes a village. Charting the path for the many adventures you will have with your children is what cultivating your seed is all about. is just the fertilizer you need to help your child grow. Insightful articles, useful tips, and a calendar of events for your neck of the woods is coming soon.


One Response to “About Us”

  1. Heaven Says:

    Hi Becs! I am so happy for you… I remember you telling me about this a while ago… wow… good things happen to those that wait and patience is truly a virtue. I look forward to tuning in… I think I can learn a thing or two in my pre-parent years. xo, Heaven

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